5 video game bugs that later turned into features

June 2021 video game releases dates

In software industry, there is a widely known saying (and kind of a meme thing) goes as “it is not a bug, it is a feature”. While there are very different reasons for such a saying, some bugs actually were bugs but in time they were deemed to be useful as features too. Video games were no different.

Today we will share 5 examples of such incidents for your entertainment. Here comes the list.


1. Skyrim Space Program – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is a legendary game for countless reasons, yet it had its fair share of bugs especially at launch. Many bugs were eventually fixed and game became much better and more enjoyable to play, but some of them were actually found to be quite useful and fun. One of them were about giants in the game who were able to simply perform a grand slam on you with their huge clubs and hurl you into gray skies. 

As much as it was an issue with the physics engine, later it was seen as a more realistic way of giving them the well-deserved scary power since they were supposed to be able to do that. Even for a Dragonborn, they are meant to be a serious threat after all. 

Funniest part is, flying at 150 meters in the air was called Skyrim Space Program by players.