5 video game cheat codes that revolutionized the way of cheating

As much as cheats are especially a problem in online games, single-player cheats were actually part of the fun back in old times. Since games did not always have a large replayability value in technical terms (but we still played them like crazy for hundreds of time anyways), cheat codes were a way to add more and rather unique content to the game without breaking the actual plot of game.

Here are 5 cheat codes that remained as a great memory for many gamers out there.


1. Blood Is Back For Mortal Kombat

90s were a really exciting and also weird period for video games. Things were freshly building up but it also brought a wide array of obstacles from many fronts as new things were being experimented on. Besides the people who claimed that “games are for children”, developers like NetherRealm (Midway back then) and ID Software were up to some crazy and hardcore stuff. Like gory animations everywhere.

This in turn brought another controversy that led ESRB ratings to be constructed for coming years, and eventually developers “accepted” to reduce or remove gore in certain versions of the game – with a caveat. They implemented secret cheat codes to add them back into the game for people who loved that.

Obviously, that fight still goes on in today’s world where people still make baseless claims regarding gore in games and movies just for cheap attention