Saturday, December 4, 2021

Apex Legends players are asking for higher player cap

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With Season 11 arrived, Apex Legends players are still very hyped about the new character Ash. Another focus of hype is the Storm Point map that arrived recently with this new season. 

Storm Point has lots of great sights and features to enjoy such as wildlife, Gravity Cannons and various landscapes. Devs did a nice job in terms of design and imagination, to be honest. 

But there is a caveat with this nice map. The place is so large that players are struggling to find an enemy to score some kills. This also causes players to feel a bit bored since the amount of combat they see per unit time is decreasing substantially. The map is approximately 15% larger than World’s Edge, so players are asking devs to increase the player cap which is 60.

Devs did not provide any explanation or response about this matter so far, but we are going to see how this request will receive a response soon.

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