Saturday, January 29, 2022

Battlefield 2042 DLC leak revealed new skins and camos

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While the dose of criticism still flies high for Battlefield 2042 during its first weeks, there is another leak revealed about a future DLC and the skins. This one brings Santa to the game and many players are actually not happy due to “priorities”.

This Christmas-themed DLC offers a Santa Claus outfit for Boris, and some potential Christmas paint jobs for vehicles. DICE has not made any comments regarding this new DLC and its contents, but it is probably a matter of time before we hear the official announcement.

Good thing is that Battlefield 2042 maps and modes will not be hidden behind price tags. They will all be free and people who would like to spare some money to get extras can unlock bonus Specialists and a premium battle pass that includes non-gameplay rewards.

With new updates and content, Battlefield 2042 can surely stand a chance to climb the ranks as long as initial bugs and issues are resolved. But for now, fans are not really satisfied and it is safe to say that DICE has a rough path to walk.

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