Thursday, September 28, 2023

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 and 5 confirmed

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Battlefield 2042 developer DICE promised four seasons of content during launch, and recently they also confirmed that some additional content is also on the way. In a blog post, they made it official that they are planning to launch a fifth season in 2023.

Game is currently running its third season which launched on 22nd of November. During that time, Battlefield 2042 also made its way to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play services while its current plans are about bringing a reworked class system in a couple months.

After those plans soon, DICE is preparing to release Season 4 and 5. According to their words, Season 4 will also include a new Battle Pass, new hardware, and a new map designed for close-quarters combat. Season 5 will include a similar mix of content as Season 4, minus the Specialist. They are still working hard to bring the game back after the disastrous launch phase, and time will tell if they will succeed.

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