Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Black Desert Mobile celebrates Halloween with new tech

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While Halloween is almost over, the party in Black Desert Mobile is just beginning. Pearl Abyss has just announced great Halloween events for the time ahead. AMD’s new FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology has also been implemented in Black Desert Mobile, giving users a much better visual quality from now on.

Halloween 2021 in Black Desert Mobile will have the classic game Rock, Papers, and Scissors against the Black Spirit. This simple game is based purely on luck, but maybe some smart thinking will give you big rewards. The more you win, the more valuable the rewards become. If you manage to get a victory streak, you will receive the Abyssal Weapon Chest, Adventurer’s Ancient Inscribed Glyph, and the Adventurer’s Dimensional Crystal Chest, all guaranteed to come in handy.

Ghost Dolls will be the currency of this Halloween. They are obtained by defeating monsters in various locations. Exchange the dolls for items like Camp Decorations, Barding, the Adventurer’s Abyssal Accessory Chest, Adventurer’s Abyssal Relic Chest, X-Large Stamina Potion and Vampire’s Bed. Players can also receive Ghost Dolls by simply logging in. There will also be rewards including up to 300 Black Pearls and a tier 6 pet for just logging in.

On the tech side, the new AMD FSR technology was initially shown during Computex 2021. It was said to significantly improve framerates without the need for a serious upgrade. With this change, FSR has shown a whopping 220% increase in framerate. This will obviously provide a great improvement of quality to those playing on lower-end hardwares. Pearl Abyss is also set to keep bringing in such innovations to provide players with the best gameplay and visuals possible.

You can play Black Desert Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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