Thursday, December 9, 2021

Does Back 4 Blood support cross-platform?

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Stirring up the hive for quite some time, Back 4 Blood is apparently determined to carry the torch of Left 4 Dead series. Beta phase of the game made it pretty clear that there will be enough zombies to shoot for everyone, and more than enough guns to carve out a bloody path towards survival in this lovely gorefest of a game. But there is a question among players, a very important one.

“Will there be cross-play and/or cross-progression?”

Short answer for the first one is yes. Also in open beta, we experienced the cross-play feature fully and seamlessly. This is also confirmed for the full version of the game too. You can bring together a team of players from all platforms the game supports and blast through the hordes of zombies ecstatically.

When it comes to cross-progression though, there is nothing confirmed yet. If you will be jumping between platforms and still wanting to enjoy Back 4 Blood without any loss of progression, we would advise either waiting for an official confirmation to avoid any loss, or just accept the risk before venturing forward with this possibility.

Still, Turtle Rock may be implementing a system to support cross-progression while we talk about it. Since there will be many platforms to bring people together and whole game is practically structured on this deck-building roguelite system, a cross-progression would be considered almost essential.

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