Saturday, January 29, 2022

EA actually cancelled a Harry Potter MMO

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Harry Potter is one of the most successful series with millions of fans worldwide, and a video game for the series is pretty much desired by the fans. But history seems to have some sad decisions regarding this matter.

Years ago, EA apparently had this idea in mind to come up with an extensive Harry Potter MMO game. Project was carried out to a serious point and lots of research and beta tests were already made. Unfortunately, it is said that the heads of EA at the time just did not believe in the project and see a lifetime for the product longer than a couple of years.

Most crucial point to remember before taking shots on EA is that this decision to cancel the project was taken before Harry Potter actually made its success throughout mid-2000s. If the idea and the project were coming to life after that happened, things could be a lot different now as EA actually even had ideas like sending prizes and ribbons by mail to kids.

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