Saturday, January 29, 2022

EA is removing Titanfall while hinting a possible Titanfall 3

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Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment has its own fan base since years and they seem to be quite loyal to the game. It has been seven years and first Titanfall game is still out there. But this is about to change, as Respawn Entertainment announced that they are discontinuing the original Titanfall. Sales will stop soon.

But no worries, as servers will not shut down just yet. They are only removing the game from sales while they allow people who own the game to enjoy it for longer. And if you are considering a purchase for original Titanfall in near future, you will have time until 1st of March, 2022. 

For the fans of the series, there are some more good news as Respawn Entertainment confirms that Titanfall as a series is far from being over. And no, the story will not be continuing in Apex Legends instead either. The possibility is a very likely Titanfall 3 in the future, but it will surely take some time considering the amount of effort that goes to Apex Legends.

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