Thursday, December 9, 2021

Fallout 76 is coming with the Halloween patch

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Fallout 76’s next patch will feature a Halloween concept, as seen in many games right now. According to the patch notes released by Bethesda, players will be able to have many loots and items on this occasion.

The creatures players will be aiming for this year will be Spooky Scorched. Creatures much more challenging than the Scorcheds you may encounter in the game will be waiting for you in Appalachia. The patch note reads: “From October 19 – November 2, you’ll occasionally run into these ‘Spooky Scorched’ during your adventures in Appalachia. Each one will spawn as legendary and taking them down will net you with a legendary item and a piece of Mystery Candy. You’ll also receive a Spooky Treat Bag, which you can open to receive rewards like consumables, ammo, and even a chance at some Halloween themed loot!”

Also, starting October 19, everyone will be eligible to receive a free Spooky Candy Bowl: “… everyone will be able to claim a free Spooky Candy Bowl from the Atomic Shop, place it in their CAMPs, and fill it with Mystery Candy they’ve collected from Spooky Scorched or purchased from train station vendors.”

You can find the content for these and more Halloween celebrations in the patch notes. The Halloween festival will be from October 19 to November 2.

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