Thursday, June 8, 2023

Ghostface skin may come to Warzone Halloween event

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The Haunting of Verdansk event, which came to Call of Duty: Warzone last year, was loved by the fans of the game. An exciting leak has emerged for the Halloween event, which is expected this year as well.

According to CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope, the upcoming Halloween-themed event will feature “Ghostface” operator, which will be available for purchase for a limited time, and this year’s Halloween event will be called “All Hallows Eve.” The leak states that Ghostface’s name was found in the game files.

If the upcoming Halloween event is like its predecessor The Haunting of Verdansk, it is said that there may be references to the “Scream” series scattered throughout the map, and various loot chests may make a return.

Also, under the tweet where the leak was shared, a CoD fan asked if different horror characters would come. In response, TheGhostOfHope said that Scream 5 will be released in January 2022 and that the character Michael Myers may also arrive.

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