Thursday, June 8, 2023

Halo Infinite may be hinting a future storage size problem on Xbox Series X

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Halo Infinite will require a huge 97.24GB storage space according to Microsoft Store. If this is true, this will be another Xbox exclusive with enormous storage challenges. Xbox Series X/S users are probably thinking how they can enjoy the game without serious sacrifices from other games.

Microsoft’s first-party exclusives are notorious for storage size. Gears 5 takes up 101.5GB, Forza Motorsport 7 needs 98.6GB, Halo 5: Guardians gobbles up 98.8GB, Forza Horizon 4 requires 86.2GB, Halo: The Master Chief Collection eats 103.9GB of space, and Flight Simulator takes up no less than 102GB. 

While there are ways to shrink those sizes, it may not be always very desirable to go through such methods for people who just want to enjoy the games. When you compare the file sizes to notable PlayStation 5 titles, it gets even more infuriating. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is 31.24GB, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is 42.19GB, while Returnal and Demon’s Souls are 55.56GB and 53.65GB respectively. 

This difference is also probably this large due to the compression technology of PlayStation 5, known as Kraken. Subnautica takes up 14GB on PS4; but its PS5 version only takes 3.5GB of space – a whopping difference of 70%. 

If you own an Xbox Series S, this becomes even more of a problem due to the total storage size of 364GB. Only three such games and you will not have room left for another one. While Xbox Series X targets a lower resolution and therefore may have slightly smaller file sizes, it still does not solve the problem.

As a solution though, you can definitely use the Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card or use an external hard drive to store larger Xbox One games. As much as this may be a personal solution of some sort, the issue on Microsoft’s side is independent of any solution we may find as end-users.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release between November and December, during the Holiday season. First preview was actually pretty nice, so at least we can hope that the game will be worth its size.

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