Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Hyenas is running an alpha test

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Hyenas was revealed as a PvPvE looter-shooter back in 2018, and it has been quite some time before we could hear some solid progress from the game. Finally we have seen a few teasers in previous months, and now there is an alpha test for the game.

The concept was a bit “weird” to say the least, and it might not be great for everyone. But now people are invited to try the pre-release build of Hyenas, as the test stage is ongoing for all weekend. After the previous closed tests, studio is now implementing some new features and improving the ones that exist.

Gameplay is revolving around zero gravity areas and some extra mobility to carve itself a niche. Rather than just putting two teams face to face with little tactical versatility, Hyenas provides a lot of ways to reach your target. For this current alpha test, developer studio Creative Assembly is looking for 10000 players so you can have a chance if you act early. Allowed regions are US, EU, Canada and Brazil.

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