Thursday, March 30, 2023

Injustice 2 Mobile gets new character Vixen

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With Injustice 2’s 5.0 update, the game will welcome DC’s Vixen. Being able to conjure up the abilities of animals, we could say Vixen is a “nature girl”. Some says her powers are coming from the totem she puts as a necklace. As a Gold Support Hero, Vixen will be available starting from 28th of July. She has multiple useful powers; for example she can increase the damage of the team using her Tantu Totem. She can also decrease Class Advantages that enemies have and disable Specials. Players can obtain her from Early Access Packs. Another way to get the character is earning Hero Shards during upcoming Versus Challenge.

Yes, Vixen is the highlight of the new patch but there are more to come. There will be a major progression update; with this, you’ll be able to upgrade heroes to 7 Starts and use Legendary Intergalactic Orbs to unlock a 7th talent Slot.

There also will be three new events that you can join:

  • Deadshot Invasion (July 30th-Aug. 10th)- Deadshot might appear in Arena matches. Beat him to earn his Hero Shards
  • Free Player Gifts (August 5th-9th)- Collect a free player gift every 24 hours five days in a row. You could win Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and shards for Enchantress
  • New Profile Picture (August 4th-13th)- You will be able to update your Injustice 2 Mobile profile picture to “The Suicide Squad” logo
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