Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Marvin the Martian finally joined Multiversus roster

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Announced earlier, Marvin the Martian was coming to Multiversus during Season 2. Finally the launch date arrived and we are welcoming him on the field. After a short maintenance time which takes approximately an hour, roster now includes Marvin.   

Eric Bauza, who also voiced a lot of Looney Tunes characters and also voiced Bugs Bunny for Multiversus, is voicing Marvin the Martian. Currently there is not much in-depth information about his style and players are doing their best to find out more about the possible strategies. As much as his moveset was discovered by LaisulMV last week, it is another thing to combine them against other fighters.

Season 2 might bring us more content before it ends, but for now it’s time to enjoy Marvin.

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