Thursday, December 9, 2021

Multiplayer mode for Beat Saber is now on PSVR

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Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode has arrived on PSVR after nearly a year of delay!

With this five player mode, players will be able to slice colored blocks to the rhythm of a given song, competing with players or their friends from all over the world.

The game also includes DLC music packs from artists such as Linkin Park. In addition, with this update, players will be able to create and customize their own multiplayer avatars. These avatars will appear in the Beat Saber lobby and multiplayer arena.

Multiplayer badges have also been added to the game. Thus, players will be able to have badges such as ‘most precise slicer’ and ‘slowest slicer’.

The update also introduces new customizable color options. Players who don’t want to slice through the game’s standard red and blue blocks will be able to opt for another color entirely, such as yellow, purple, teal and pink.

The update also includes a Halloween special! The song ‘Spooky Beat’ by Jaroslav Beck has been added to the game for free.

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