Friday, March 31, 2023

Netflix is getting into game industry

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We can’t deny the fact that the gaming industry is growing fast. With games and especially competitive games becoming the new trend, esports tournaments and organizations are also on demand. Many big companies and brands are contributing to gaming and esports sector to catch the big wave. Especially with the pandemic lockdown, both industries rapidly increased their net growth. And this was also noticed by investors who are trying to make some good money.

Netflix, one of the biggest over-the-top media platform, is also one of the companies who wants to enter the gaming industry. They have announced that they are planning to offer video games apart from movies and TV shows on their platform. Netflix also hired ex EA Sports and Facebook executive, Mike Verdu and he will be leading the gaming on Netflix. Considering their moves, we might hear big project any time soon.

Company also got into anime production years ago and we can say, at least if I may speak for myself, they nailed it. Now seeing Netflix expanding its horizon to game industry, I expect the same good outcome and work.

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