Saturday, December 4, 2021

New DLC for Zombie Army 4 Halloween celebrations

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Zombie Army 4 continues its content influx for the fans. Game seemed like starting on the wrong foot, but then managed to ramp up the gears with lots of content for a good while. Now we get to see another DLC that also includes a Strange Brigade crossover. 

Currently we are seeing 5 new DLCs for Zombie Army 4: Dead War available in the stores. Great news for the followers of this zombie-slaying madness.

September also had lots of DLCs and they were pretty different than what we are seeing at the moment.

Strange Brigade Headgear Pack seems quite interesting, as Rebellion mix and merge their two IPs with great effect. The pack costs £2.49 and will see players going for some zombie killing with new arcane artifacts on them. They come in the form of a Mummy Head Mask, a Bull Mask, the Assassin’s Death Mask and Seteki Headdress. If you love Strange Brigade and just a bit of Zombie Army, it’s literally a no-brainer pick. 

We also see the Occult Karl Outfit. Also priced at £2.49, we get a new costume for Karl and a couple of new hats. It is followed by the Bandages Weapon Skins Pack for the same price, adding more than 11 Bandages skins to your collection along with the Tarot Charm Pack that has four new charms.

If you prefer more flaming-hot additions to your arsenal, you also have Zombie Army 4 Blowtorch Weapon Bundle. This one comes with a price of £3.29 and gives players the opportunity to go wielding a Blowtorch along with a couple of Charms and two new Weapon skins. Sounds like a hot deal to us.

You’ll need the base game of Zombie Army 4: Dead War to enjoy these new content packs. Game is available and playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. 

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