Friday, October 22, 2021

New game from The Crew franchise might be leaked

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In our news yesterday, we talked about a leaked list of Ubisoft’s projects. Among that list was Project Orlando.

Reddit user RacingGameGuru0300‘s claim has revealed more in-depth information about Project Orlando. The leaker said that the images he posted have been hidden in the game files for a while (the images are inaccessible, probably because they’ve been removed). Although the images reference the name “The Crew 2: Orlando”, the game’s assets show the island of Hawaii rather than the Florida city of Orlando.

According to Battlefield 2042 leaker Tom Henderson, The Crew: Orlando is an entirely new game with a new driving engine and a release date has yet to be decided.

Another piece of information from leaks mentions a game mode called “All Star”. In this game mode, 100 players will be divided into two different teams and will face each other. It is not yet possible to say whether this mode, which looks like a battle royale, will be in the new The Crew game.

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