Thursday, February 9, 2023

New model of PlayStation 5 appeared in stores

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It has been spotted that a new model of PlayStation 5 with a disc drive has started to be sold in Australia. While the first PS5s used the model number CFI-1XXX, this new model appears to use the model number CFI-11XX.

Recently, the new version of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which is 300 grams lighter, had also released. While the launch device with model number CFI-1000B is 3.9kg, the new device with model number CFI-1100B weighs 3.6kg.

Like the new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, the new PlayStation 5 model with a disc drive now has a new hand-adjustable screw instead of a screwdriver to attach the console to its stand.

According to Sony’s quarterly earnings call earlier this month, the $499 PlayStation 5 console with a disc drive is reportedly no longer selling at a loss.

It looks like Sony’s expectations regarding PlayStation 5 sales are being met. In addition, considering that the players are waiting for the PlayStation 5 Slim and PlayStation 5 Pro models, it is a matter of curiosity when Sony will respond to these expectations.

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