Saturday, January 29, 2022

New visuals of Steam Deck and its box came from Valve

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Steam Deck has been a true hype since some time and shipments are actually quite close. While people are getting impatient to put their hands on this new hardware, Valve revealed some images of the device and its box.

Source: Gamespot

Valve said “DV [design validation] is the final prototype build before production, and it includes improvements from the EV2 build. After this build, there will be additional minor changes in the final product. One of the main differences between these units and the previous (EV2) prototypes is that we are now testing our packaging design. So before we start sending these out to developers, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the final packaging that customers will see in February.”

Source: Gamespot

Company confirmed that the development kits will be shipped very soon. Another confirmation about Steam Deck is that the device will be coming with one Steam Deck and one power supply. The Steam Deck was announced earlier this year and is a Switch-like portable PC. The device starts at $400 but scales up to $650 depending on the storage type, but Valve is also accepting $5 deposits so fans may get their hands on one.

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