Thursday, February 9, 2023

Northgard is officially released for Android devices

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Northgard, which is currently playable on PC, console and iOS platforms, is now officially available on Android devices. The game is available for sale at a 30% discount launch price, down from $8.99/€8.99 to $5.99/€5.99.

Northgard, which has sold over 2 million copies, will bring Viking stories to Android users too.

The game, which deals with Scandinavian mythology and Viking lands & shores, is based on a story. According to Northgard’s story, the warrior Rig’s father, the Viking High King, was killed and his Regal Horn was stolen by an enemy named Hagen. This dire event deeply affected Rig and his son Brand, and resulted in them setting out to seek revenge. In this journey, players will find the reason behind the assassination of Rig’s father and uncover the plans behind Hagen’s actions.

The scenario of the game consists of 11 chapters and players control various clans. Here are the top six clans players will manage:

  • Eikthyrnir – The clan of the stag
  • Heidrun – The clan of the goat
  • Fenrir – The clan of the wolf
  • Huginn & Muninn – The clan of the raven
  • Bjarki – The clan of the bear
  • Slidrugtanni – The clan of the boar

In addition to these basic clans, there are also clans sold as DLC in the game. You can purchase these clans for $2.99/€2.99 per piece or in bundles of 3 for $6.99/€6.99 (Scale Bundle – Snake, Dragon, Kraken clans and Fur Bundle – Horse , Ox, Lynx clans).

It should also be noted that the Horse Clan DLC of the game is free until August 31st.

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