Wednesday, May 31, 2023

PUBG: New State – Troi 2051 map guide

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Krafton has released new details about PUBG: New State map, Troi 2051 including gameplay footage and important locations.

The near future Battle Royale game of Krafton, PUBG: New State is now in Closed Alpha. Some players are downloading the APK files on Android and enjoying the game. We’ll be covering the new map of the game Troi 2051. Where to go? What to know? Lets get into it.

Troi 2051:

This map is a brand-new, 8×8 map three decades into the future. Built by Krafton itself the map pushes mobile devices’ limits to its maximum point.

Exhibit Hall:

Exhibit Hall used to be a popular destination for visitors. Despite still being a popular destination to many people, the target audience has changed significantly.

The Mall:

Used to be a gathering hub to citizens of Troy. Now its home to many fighters hungry for blood.


The hope of future is no more. Totally finished. Players of PUBG: New State will explore the remainings of this mysterious building.

Gameplay Footage:

The 3 minute gameplay video of Troi 2051 is published by Krafton. More information to come in the future.

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