Saturday, December 3, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege is launching its crossplay feature

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It has been around 18 months since Ubisoft announced its plans to bring crossplay and cross-progression for Rainbow Six Siege. Finally we are about to see the launch on 6th of December, same date for the release of final season of Year 7, Operation Solar Raid.

With the PlayStation and Xbox joining the game, things may change a lot. A tactical and competitive FPS will surely be an interesting experience on consoles. Operation Solar Raid will bring the Defender Solis, a medium speed, medium health Operator using P90 or ITA 12L as primary weapons and SMG-11 as the secondary. Solis is able to analyze and identify Attacker devices, interact with gadget overlay thanks to special gloves and trigger a cluster scan.

A new map named Nighthaven Labs is on its way, said to be built for “creative strategies”. Besides the new map, Ranked 2.0 system and an updated battle pass is on its way. Operation Solar Raid is currently available on the test server before its full release.

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