Thursday, February 9, 2023

Ray Tracing mod for Quake 1 released

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A modder called sultim_t managed to implement RT on Quake 1. As if it was not impressive enough, he previously did the same for Doom 1 and Half-Life 1 too. In one year. If you want to jump right in to see how it went, check the video below.

Quake had a dark environment on purpose, but that never means you can not enjoy some properly implemented lighting technology. The gunfire and explosion effects are totally in place. In case you want to adjust or eliminate some of those effects for your own experience, you can check the console commands which starts with prefix “rt_”. 

RT and DLSS from Nvidia proved to be great contributions to performance and quality aspects together, and we may see many old games coming back with them for one more ride.

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