Saturday, December 3, 2022

Returnal PC leaks show DLSS and FSR support

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Upcoming PlayStation 5 roguelike game Returnal has had another leak recently, and these leaks are now getting too much before Sony actually announced it. It has been the fourth time that PC port of Returnal is being leaked, yet Sony is insisting on not saying anything except getting the videos removed.

This time, the (already removed) video shows the graphics options of Returnal. According to the images, Returnal PC port will have Resolution Scaling, Dynamic Resolution, DLSS, AMD FSR and NIS. Other than these great features, the game seems to have unlocked framerate support and ray tracing for shadows and reflections, confirming the use of ray tracing technology from NVIDIA.

After all these leaks, everyone is expecting Sony to announce the game officially at some point. While they are constantly getting the leak materials removed, we can not hear anything about the game. 

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