Saturday, December 3, 2022

Starfield is not a timed exclusive, Aaron Greenberg says

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“Console exclusive” titles have been a controversial topic. Some people think exclusive titles are discriminating people and just feed some gamers’ egos while others think it’s a good thing and everyone should have the chance to play the games they like whether they have the ‘exclusive platform’ or not.

With Microsoft purchasing Bethesda, some fans started to hope to see big exclusive titles like Starfield getting out of exclusive bag. So far the title has been announced for only PC and Xbox Series X/S. However some players thought that the game would be exclusive for some time and then would be available for other platforms.

But Xbox Games Marketing’s General Manager Aaron Greenberg destroyed PlayStation console owners’ hopes and stated that the game is not a timed exclusive. So it will stay as a Xbox ad PC exclusive title and if you want to play it, you need to own either one of these platforms.

We know for sure that Starfield titles will not be coming out for other platforms, but players out there might still have a chance if the game is put up to Xbox Game Pass.

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