Sunday, July 3, 2022

Steam Deck replacement parts are listed on seller websites

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Despite being quite new on the market, Steam Deck is taking some strong steps towards becoming a more prevalent hardware across the mobile gaming market. In latest news, some replacement parts were noticed to be listed on iFixit. But the listings were taken down quick, as they also confirmed later on a tweet that the listings came up earlier than planned. They also said that if there were any orders placed during this time, they will be honored.

Speaking of orders, the pricing for parts are also obviously revealed during this time. Most of them are around reasonable numbers, with the exception of motherboard – which is actually understandable. A replacement screen costs around $100 or £90 for the top-end anti-glare display (and $65 or £60 for the basic screen), and a new fan costs around $25 or £20. If you are going for a motherboard, you need to afford $350 or £290 outlay. Considering the price of an entry-level Steam Deck price is $399 or £349, it is at least not that bad.

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