Thursday, March 30, 2023

Steam Deck will perform equally while docked or mobile

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It is claimed that Steam Deck will perform the same both docked and mobile, unlike Nintendo Switch.

Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer, in an interview with PC Gamer’s Wes Fenlon, said that Steam Deck is not aiming for more performance for the dock mode and that the device will run at a performance equivalent to its mobile mode.

In other words, players who will buy Steam Deck will not experience any performance loss on their devices when they switch from dock mode to mobile.

Coomer stated that Steam Deck will be used mostly as mobile and they designed the device accordingly. He also added that in this way, AAA games will run with a better frame rate on the device, so they aim for a simpler and mobile-friendly design instead of high resolutions.

While this statement shows that Steam Deck will be more stable and much more ideal for mobile use, it may disappoint those who expect desktop PC performance from the device in docked mode.

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