Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Games coming to Xbox Game Pass PC in November 2021

New games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in November 2021 was revealed today. There are some nice multiplayer games to enjoy.

Dead Or Alive 3 and more may be coming to Game Pass

TrueAchievements, the website that focuses especially on Microsoft and Xbox, indirectly reported the games that may come next month.

Don’t miss the Humble Choice October 2021 bundle!

There's also a nice discount for new customers who sign up for Humblebundle right now. With the discount, you can have 12 games for $12/month.

More Fallout 76 updates coming this year

Fallout 76 got its Fallout Worlds update, but Bethesda said it's already looking ahead to the next updates to be released for the game.

Microsoft will be at Tokyo Game Show 2021

Microsoft didn’t want players to have high expectations for nothing and made it clear that there will be no new global debuts.

PS Plus games for September includes a freebie

We already knew the games beforehand, but what we didn't know is this month's offering coming with an additional, secret freebie. 

Humble Choice September 2021 Package

Humble Choice September 2021 includes a total of 12 Steam PC games. The bundle includes games like Neon Abyss, PGA Tour 2K21 and Atomicrops.

Gamescom 2021 highlights, the games you should follow

This year’s Gamescom was full of new announcements for both big titles and indie titles. With brand new reveals, many titles were showcased during the show.

Gamescom 2021 Livestream Day 2 titles

On the second day, we have heard from a few big titles and then afterwards, we got to hear a lot about upcoming indie titles.

Do not miss Humble Store Summer Sale 2021!

The summer sale is officially started on Humble Store. There are many games that you can get for reasonable prices including AAA games and indie games. 

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