Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Summer Games Done Quick raises up 3 million dollars

The livestreams are run on Twitch, and YouTube channels now have the replays of those events by Games Done Quick.

Games Done Quick summer marathon is starting today

One of the most famous gaming events of last decade, Summer Games Done Quick marathon is about to kick off.

PlayStation confirmed not being Gamescom 2022

The day begins with another huge news for upcoming Gamescom. PlayStation officially confirmed that it will not be attending Gamescom 2022.

Details for Summer Game Fest Live 2022 are revealed

E3 2022 cancellation was a sad news for all gamers, but we still have Summer Game Fest Live 2022 to enjoy in June 2022.

BAFTA Games Awards 2022 winners are announced

Here are the nominees and winners of the BAFTA Games Awards 2022 event, coming up to make a great list for gamers to enjoy all year long.

Return to Monkey Island is announced as a big surprise

Return To Monkey Island has been announced yesterday, and development of the project will be led by the creator of the series Ron Gilbert.

IGF and GDC awards are finally presented to their owners

Independent Game Festival and Game Developers' Choice awards for 2022 are now handed to their respective owners with a great event.

EA Play Live might skip 2022 entirely

An EA representative explained that the company will reveal the upcoming projects when it is finally an appropriate time.

List of games announced in State of Play March 2022

Latest episode of Sony State of Play event had some unexpected announcements for upcoming games during the episode of March 2022.

A new Serious Sam game could be coming out

A very recent teaser that came along surprisingly brought very strong rumors of a new Serious Sam game that may be very very close to release.

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