Saturday, January 29, 2022
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back 4 blood

Tencent acquired Turtle Rock Studios, developer of Back 4 Blood

With latest news, Tencent announced that they acquired Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Back 4 Blood and many other games.

Back 4 Blood December Update brings offline mode

Back 4 Blood December update came out yesterday and it lets you play the game's solo mode offline with 3 bots in our team.

Back 4 Blood will get a difficulty nerf soon

Developers said that they will adjust Back 4 Blood’s more punishing systems back to easier levels to balance its brutal difficulty curve.

Does Back 4 Blood support cross-platform?

There is a question among players, a very important one. "Will there be cross-play and/or cross-progression in Back 4 Blood?"

Back 4 Blood offline mode will not happen

Turtle Rock said that Back 4 Blood offline mode will not happen, so players can’t play the game by themselves even if they want to play with AI players.

Back 4 Blood will not be offline in the first phase

Game developer Turtle Rock has announced that Back 4 Blood requires an internet connection whether you are playing in multiplayer or singleplayer.

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