Saturday, January 29, 2022
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5 video game cheat codes that revolutionized the way of cheating

As much as cheats are especially a problem in online games, single-player cheats were actually part of the fun back in old times.

Halo Infinite is struggling with cheating and desync issues

Xbox players are asking devs to disable cross-play or at least add an opt-in option temporarily so they could play without cheaters.

Battlefield 2042 beta cheats already surfaced

It is just a few days into the long-waited beta of Battlefield 2042, but people are already reporting serious cases of cheating.

Battlefield 2042 cheats are already out

There are almost two months until we see Battlefield franchise’s next game Battlefield 2042 but looks like there are already cheats out there for the game,

Respawn continues banning cheaters from Apex Legends

More than 2000 Apex Legends accounts have been banned from the game for the reason being dashboarding or exploiting matchmaking.

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