Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Apple Arcade fans finally have a great controller

The controller is called PowerA MOGA XP5-i Plus controller and it definitely looks great for the games that are in Apple Arcade.

Valve brings Steam support for Joy-Con controllers

Valve is bringing a nice surprise for people who like using Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers for Steam games.

Sony Patents PlayStation Mobile Controller

Late news may be suggesting that Sony is actually making moves to take a solid step in the mobile gaming industry first-hand.

There is a custom Xbox Controller we can not buy

Microsoft worked with a popular artist to design custom Xbox controllers for staff in Microsoft which is themed around Xbox Game Pass.

New Nintendo Switch controller is a secret for six months

Nintendo mentions a new game controller and also remarked that the details about the new device would be kept confidential.

Some classic GOG games get modern controller support

According to GOG, the update also optimizes default key bindings and makes a few small fixes to controller compatibility. 

Here’s the first Special Edition controller for Xbox Series X|S!

What makes this controller special is the blue color called "Aqua Shift" and the new rubber panels that make it easier to hold the device in the hand.

Phil Spencer praises DualSense and teases Xbox controller upgrade

Phil Spencer said that there’s still some work for Xbox to do on their controllers while referring to Sony’s DualSense in a recent episode of a podcast.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is getting a game and its own controller series

Digital Eclipse is releasing a movie inspired game “Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game” for PC, Xbox and mobile alongside a brand new controller series.

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