Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Anger Foot, a FPS mixing Hotline Miami and Deathloop

This new game called Anger Foot is an FPS by the developers of Broforce, and it brings Hotline Miami and Deathloop together in one game.

Deathloop system requirements announced

Published by the Bethesda, which many of the players follow very closely, Deathloop has become one of the most talked about games of the last period.

PvP and Invasions details revealed for Deathloop

Game's director Dinga Bakaba recently spoke about the PvP mode. It was aired on QuakeCon recently, but no worries if you missed it.

Deathloop’s PlayStation 5 exclusivity status clarified

As stated at the end of Deathloop's latest gameplay trailer, the game's PS5 exclusivity deal will expire a year after its initial release.

Sony’s next State of Play will focus on ‘Deathloop’

In the statement made by Sony, it was stated that a new State of Play event will be held on Thursday, July 8, for the game Deathloop.

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