Thursday, December 7, 2023
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DFHack mod for Dwarf Fortress is available on Steam

While Dwarf Fortress is enjoying its new success after one and a half decade, modders are also working on making the experience even better.

Hellscreen puts a rear-view mirror into a FPS

Every once in a while, a developer comes up with a truly crazy idea. This time, Hellscreen does it by putting a rear-view mirror into a FPS.

Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders are shaking Steam charts

Even before its release, Hogwarts Legacy became one of the most selling games on Steam in terms of revenue.

Company of Heroes 3 announced a free beta test

Company of Heroes 3 will be released on 23rd of February for PC. Console versions will come at a later date.

Payday 3 now has a Steam page

It was already known that Payday 3 is going to take place in New York, and now we get to learn that it will also take its place on Steam.

7 Early Access games to keep an eye on in 2023

Today, we are highlighting 7 games currently in Early Access state on Steam which are worth keeping an eye on for the upcoming year.

Valve released Steam Replay 2022

Steam made a surprise this year, and provided everyone with their "replay of the year" as a new feature called Steam Replay

Elden Ring is on discount for the first time on Steam

Elden Ring on Steam is seeing 30% discount for the Steam Winter Sale. Both the base game and the Deluxe Edition are discounted at same rates.

Sifu is coming to Steam and Xbox

Now the Steam and Xbox releases of Sifu are announced, which will coincide with its new Arenas mode being released.

Duelyst 2 is being made by Dream Sloth Games

Dream Sloth Games decided to make a free-to-play sequel for Duelyst. The gameplay seems mostly preserved except some rebalancement.

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