Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Haunting returns to Warzone and Cold War

Two cult-classic killers lead The Haunting: Scream and Donnie Darko.

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Face your fears and reap the rewards of a new weapon, new modes, Bundles, and more coming with this event. The Haunting in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, the blockbuster Halloween event that will take over both games, will start on October 19 and will run through November 2. Also, you don’t need to download an update for this event. 

As night falls once more in Warzone and Cold War, we’ll get new game modes such as “Ghosts of Verdansk” for Warzone and “Infected” for Cold War. We are also going to see the classic Nuketown makeover “Nuketown Halloween” and Prop Hunt mode for this new map.

The Haunting have few challenges too for reaping the rewards. With that, across both games, completing The Haunting’s challenges will unlock the prototypical LAPA SMG. This will be the first-ever ranged weapon event reward. LAPA SMG will also have a unique Weapon Blueprint available in the Store alongside Halloween-themed Bundles. Those additional limited time Store offerings include the new SCREAM’s Ghostface Operator and the Frank the Rabbit Operator Skin. Also, Portnova becomes the Necro Queen and Weaver dons the Disciple’s robes. 

For multiplayer, alongside the Infected mode, we are going to see an all new mode called “Scream Deathmatch”. For minor updates and makeovers, “sCare Packages” will be a thing for multiplayer and there’s few for Zombies. Zombies also get a new mode called “Hallows’ Eve Outbreak”. Now, let’s take a look at some of the new things about the event one by one. 

Scream Bundle:

The Limited-Time SCREAM Operator Bundle is available with the launch of the event. You got a chance to play as Ghostface in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War before he returns to cinemas in January 2022. With the bundle you’ll get iconic “Violent End” Finishing Move, which can be performed by all Operators, including Ghostface; the “Cordless Phone” Weapon Charm; the “Scary Hours” Watch; an animated Emblem and Calling Card; and three Legendary Weapon Blueprints. Two of these Blueprints are going to be ranged Tracer Fire weapons and lastly, there’s the “Ghost Blade”. You can truly become the infamous killer with a knife modeled after Ghostface’s signature weapon.

Donnie Darko Bundle:

The Haunting will also bring this film’s mysterious rabbit into Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. But this bundle won’t be available with the launch of the event. Donnie Darko Limited-Time Bundle will drop in on October 24 across both games. This bundle includes: “Frank the Rabbit” Operator Skin, included within this Bundle for Baker. “Sky is Falling” iconic Finishing Move, where any Operator can use. Also, a Weapon Charm, a Calling Card, an Emblem, a Watch and three Legendary Weapon Blueprints; one Sniper Rifle, one SMG, and one Assault Rifle. All of these Blueprints comes with the Purple Electric Tracer Fire.

Event Challenges:

During The Haunting event, there will be two sets of nine challenges. One set for Warzone and one set for Black Ops Cold War. There’s 19 items as rewards, such as Weapon Blueprints, to earn. In addition to rewards earned for completing each challenge, you’ll get the LAPA SMG. Also, The Haunting will begin with the Terrible End Bundle, which contains the “Abnormality” Weapon Blueprint, the first Blueprint for this new weapon. 

Ghost of Verdansk:

In this mode, death won’t send you to the Gulag. Instead, Operators become Ghosts after being eliminated for the first time. Ghost won’t have weapons, but they have some supernatural abilities:

  • Super Jump: Similar to the jump from Zombie Royale, Ghosts can charge up and “leap” through the air to cover serious ground. Because Ghosts have no body, their light weight allows them to float and glide following a jump or a drop from any high distance.
  • Teleport: Another movement option, albeit with a slower cooldown, Ghosts can teleport a short distance to help immediately close gaps between them and living Operators. They can even teleport right through them and appear behind their would-be target.
  • Spectral Blast: This area-of-effect stun attack slows down Operators and disables vehicles.

All operators’ deaths will drop “Souls” alongside their loot. Ghosts can collect these souls and at the price of three souls, they will be dropped back as their operator. Also, Ghosts can immediately respawn as their operator by executing enemy operators. Operators have a safe spot called Sacred Ground, marked by a glowing blue circle and beam of light. These areas are protected by a supernatural magic that prevents Ghosts from crossing over, but Ghosts can damage the area by throwing their spectral bodies at it, and if they ram themselves into it enough times, they can destroy that plot of Sacred Ground.

We’ll get a new game mechanic for this mode, known as “Fear”. This new Fear meter ranges from 0 to 100 points, and every Operator starts as a fearless warrior with zero points of Fear. Once the meter fills and reaches 50%, your Operator may start to experience hallucinations that can mess with your mind. When it reaches 100%, that’s for us to find out.

  • Fear increases naturally over time and when the following events happen:
    • Being shot at, being hit by enemy Equipment, or having their Killstreaks in the area
    • Camping
    • Seeing dead bodies or Ghosts
    • Having squadmates downed or eliminated
  • Fear also decreases when the following happens:
    • Eliminating a player or Ghost
    • Reviving a squadmate
    • Completing a Contract
    • Remaining within Sacred Ground, as long as it stays intact

Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes:

  • Infected: Eighteen Operators enter, and the Zombie team attempts to turn the Survivors undead. The remaining Survivors win if they beat the clock, or the Zombies win if they turn every Survivor! In a new twist, Survivors will earn a bonus with each zombie they kill: specifically, bonuses to reload speed, ADS speed, movement speed, and slide speed.
  • Prop Hunt Halloween: This new themed Prop Hunt will see player-controlled skulls, jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, bats, skeletons, and more try to hide from the Hunters in the Nuketown Halloween map.
  • Scream Deathmatch: In this brand-new mode, two Operators will each become Ghostface with a single mission: find and eliminate all Survivors. The Survivors will have no weapons, so it’s best to find a cozy hiding spot to try and survive the mayhem. Throughout the match, screams of the Survivors will give away their position as the killers close in on their locations. The endgame is like any good horror movie: the killers slash up every Survivor, or a final brave soul rises above to defeat the evildoers.

Cold War Zombies New Mode and Updates:

Players will face a new epic challenge in Outbreak as part of The Haunting, in addition to some new tricks and treats across Zombies modes. In Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, you’ll need to survive for 10 minutes and exfiltrate from a single Region. Your squad even gets to choose between two random Regions before infiltration, and there’s a World Event that can give a massive boost to your Loadout. But that’s of course not it, the Region’s difficulty will rise after every 2 minutes, meaning that more zombies, increasing both in quantity and difficulty, will roll in and increase in health. When the ten-minute time limit is reached, the exfil point will spawn at the farthest possible position from the squad, and the maximum number of zombies will have full awareness of your position. If you and your squad manage to get out, there is a Legendary Weapon Charm and a mountain of XP will be waiting for you.

Also, Scare Packages containing high-value rewards will spawn every five rounds in round-based maps, and in every Outbreak Region. Zombies will have a small chance of dropping the new Jack O’Lantern item for additional rewards, including Wonder Weapons, Support Weapons, Ammo Mods, Chalices, Aether Tools, and high-level Armor. At least we hope it that way, there might be some scary surprises waiting for us.

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