Thursday, December 7, 2023

The speedrunning documentary is finally released

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Speedrunning has been around since over a decade, maybe even around two decades. A small but solid community that loves speeding through video games with everything possible done to make it faster. In recent years, Games Done Quick has brought the spotlight on this nice community and made everyone aware of speedrunning and how far it could go.

Finally a documentary is made to introduce everyone who wonders about the history of speedrunning to this funny world. Named “Running With Speed”, this documentary touches various subjects in the world of speedrunning which includes traditional and non-traditional games, Games Done Quick community, the events, charity organizations worked with and the awesome amounts of money raised to help people around the world.

The documentary consists of three parts. First part in the series is called Masters of Mario, as Mario has been a very fundamental game for speedrunning. Second part is focusing on the Games Done Quick project, where it began in its founder’s mom’s basement and turned into something huge. Last part is called Game Not Over, speaking with people who are staying at the different sides and different games for speedrunning in the community.

Speaking of speedrunning, this year’s Games Done Quick event already started yesterday and it will last until 15th of January. You can watch the runs live on Twitch.

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