Saturday, December 3, 2022

Vampire Survivors will use new engine

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Vampire Survivors was one of the surprise indie hits of 2022, suddenly taking over the gaming and streaming scene for some time. This small roguelike game looked so small and cute, but it was insanely addictive. The game has been in early access since it first appeared, and developer Poncle is preparing big surprises for the full version.

Let’s start with the release date, as the expected 1.0 version is coming on 20th of October. There will be a lot of content, balancement, quality of life changes and a huge new engine to eliminate the framerate drops. According to the developer’s words, “there will be a little something for everyone in the 1.0 content”.

While most in-game items are expected to have some small buffs here and there, the only item that will receive a nerf instead is Santa Water and its evolved version La Borra. They are indeed too strong with too little investment, and can become overpowered early enough.

In the meantime, developer gave us a three-week roadmap of teasers. 20th of October will definitely be a blast with Vampire Survivors 1.0 release.

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