Thursday, December 9, 2021

Will the windowed mode exploit in Destiny 2 be solved?

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Developer Bungie has announced the steps it will take for the Destiny 2 exploit that has surfaced a while ago.

With this exploit, players are able to duplicate orb drops, expand their bubble shields, and deal unlimited damage in certain parts of the Vault of Glass raid.

Destiny 2 content creator JB3 has created a video addressing this exploit to attract developers’ attention. After that, Bungie took action to fix this bug.

Bungie’s Senior Community Manager dmg04 said:

“A group of individuals discovered and reported an issue where players can generate more orbs than intended when triggering some supers. The team has been silently working on a fix for this (currently targeting December)”.

The Bungie team is implementing an interim solution before their targeted fix for December. According to this solution, anyone who minimizes and maximizes the game window multiple times in one session will be forced to close the game automatically and get the ‘RUTABAGA’ error code.

Innocent players who minimize or maximize the game window accidentally or by chance are at risk of being punished, but ‘dmg04’ also made a statement about this:

“These should be limited time PvP restrictions when hitting the error multiple times over a small amount of games, not full account bans.”

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