Thursday, May 23, 2024

16-year-old Street Fighter player walks off the stage after winning the trophy

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EndingWalker, a 16-year-old Ed main, was participating in his second in-person Street Fighter tournament on record. His rivals were very much known for their great track record. EndingWalker managed to beat all his opponents, breezed through the winner bracket and finally faced Valmaster’s Chun Li in grand final. After he won the match, he just walked off into the crowd without saying anything.

A little later, audience reminded him to go back to the stage as he was supposed to receive his trophy. He quietly came back and accepted the prizes he won, a medal and $3000. Later he tweeted that “he was overwhelmed with the result and the reality hadn’t kicked in at that moment”.

Knowing that it wasn’t an intended flex makes it all better, as it was not a rude thing at all. He is still new to this kind of situations, and he was also very kind in his message after the event. He seems to be really talented and is expected to be the new champion in near future.

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