Monday, May 27, 2024


A modder created Game Boy capture card

As the user, you will not need any specific modifications to use this capture card with your Game Boy. It is a plug-and-play type of card.

Google is working on Android games for ChromeOS

Now, ChromeOS users will have some alpha-stage game controls which are originally optimized for touchscreen games.

Is it wise to buy high speed RAM kits such as 5,000MHz?

A good series of benchmark tests are performed by professionals to see if it would be a good investment to buy high speed RAM kits.

Two PlayStation 5 developer kits appeared on eBay

Sony made sure that the listings are gone, forever. But if they need to call in lawyers into this, they are not afraid to do so.

New World breaks some graphics cards, especially the RTX 3090

It has been reported that Amazon's MMO game New World, which is currently playable in closed beta, has broken some graphics cards, especially the RTX 3090.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology won’t be exclusive to Windows 11

Microsoft at Redmond announced that DirectStorage technology will also be brought to Windows 10 this weekend, thus not being exclusive.

Windows 11 is made for gamers, according to Microsoft

Windows 11, will be released by the holidays at the end of this year. Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer of Microsoft, says Windows 11 is made for gamers.

Vivo might use Samsung’s AMD-powered processor

According to the leak of “Arsenal” on Weibo, Vivo will use the high-end chip, likely called the Exynos 2200, in at least one high-end smartphone.

Intel’s notebook market share may drop to 80 percent

A report by DigiTimes claims that Apple plans to cut 50% of Intel CPU orders, resulting in a 10% drop in Intel's notebook x86 market share.

Samsung’s V-NAND-based SSD will come out this year

Samsung confirmed plans to launch its consumer-focused SSD, which includes 7th generation V-NAND technology, in the second half of 2021.

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