Thursday, May 23, 2024

Battlefield Mobile beta testing started

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While Battlefield 2042 is struggling with the issues from launch and trying to both fix them and bring in additional content, Electronic Arts has some news for Battlefield Mobile development process. Open beta phase for the game has started in five Southeast Asian countries. Eligible countries are Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Besides the open beta participation, pre-registration is also available in several other regions before beta starts in those areas. Game will be free-to-play with its own Battle Pass system, cosmetics, unlockables. There will not be any items that are available for purchase and impacts gameplay in any way. 

During the open beta, players will be able to try modes such as Conquest and Rush in the maps Noshahr Canals and Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3. Depending on the success of test period, Battlefield Mobile might be released earlier than expected. Plans are currently pointing towards an early 2023 release.

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