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BioWare has released an infographic showing players’ choices throughout the Mass Effect trilogy

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The infographic released by BioWare showed details of the choices Mass Effect Legendary Edition players made throughout the trilogy.

The infographic covers a lot of information, from players’ Shepard details to their military specialization and the odds of their squadmates surviving in “Suicide Misson.”

For example, 68% of players played Shepard as a male, while 32% played as a female. In addition, the top three squadmate characters most likely to survive in “Suicide Mission” are Garrus, Jacob, and Grunt, respectively, while Mordin is the least surviving character.

The attitude of the players to the reporters also looks very interesting. While 32% of the players answered questions with candor and grace, 68% felt that reporters should be punched in the face.

You can view the full details of the infographic here or from the image below:

We also have good news for players who haven’t played the remastered trilogy Mass Effect Legendary Edition yet! The game will be available for purchase on Origin for $44.99 until July 29. Likewise, it will be available for purchase until August 4 on PlayStation and August 5 on Xbox for the same price. The sale on Steam will start on July 29 and last until August 2.

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