Thursday, May 23, 2024

Krafton is acquiring Neon Giant

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Krafton is expanding its influence on the gaming industry, acquiring new studios. Next one on the line is Neon Giant, known for the great cyberpunk action-RPG “The Ascent”. This acquisition was revealed in Krafton’s Q3 financial report, hinting about the possible next steps.

According to the report, Krafton is also intending to set up a major studio in Canada in order to lead the development of their recently announced project “The Bird That Drinks Tears”. It is a game that is closely linked with the Korean culture, based on the fantasy novels by Yeongdo Lee by the same name. There is not much known about the game for now.

Krafton is not the company with fastest and highest levels of acquisitions, but still a solid name already. Company already holds some important studios under its banner, and does not seem to weaken anytime soon.

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