Saturday, March 2, 2024

Todd Howard spoke about Amazon’s Fallout TV series

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Todd Howard spoke about Amazon’s Fallout TV series recently. One of the most important aspects in the series is clearly the story itself, as Fallout has a very deep lore. The main question about story is that will we see a familiar story from the games, or will we see a unique one?

Apparently, the answer is that we will be watching a unique story, but it will be loyal to the setting of Fallout. Todd Howard says that it will be an area of the map, and exists in the same world. Previously, we learned that TV series would also include Vault 33 as the part of the story.

Back in the day after Fallout 3 launched, Todd Howard contacted many producers about a movie for Fallout, but he did not like the idea of two-hour movie for such a big game. When TV series became more popular and producers had bigger budgets, the idea came back. Now he seems quite content with Jonathan Nolan’s work in progress.

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