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Xbox sales comparison analysis for May 2021

Xbox sales comparison analysis for May 2021

Worldwide sales comparison of Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, prepared by VGChartz for May 2021, have been announced.

Xbox Series X|S was released in November 2020 and Xbox One in November 2013. Therefore, these two consoles went on sale during the holiday periods.

Xbox Series X|S vs Xbox One worldwide comparison:

Gap change in latest month: 244,450 – Xbox Series X|S

Total Lead: 783,308 – Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series X|S Total Sales: 5,217,300

Xbox One Total Sales: 4,433,992

May 2021 marks the seventh month of Xbox Series X|S’s release, there is a 244,450 sold units difference in comparison against older gen Xbox One console in May which sums up at 783,308 units lead over older gen Xbox One.

When we look at the 7-month sales figures, we see that Xbox Series X|S has sold 5.22 million units, while Xbox One sold 4.43 million units. The seventh month for Xbox Series X|S corresponds to May 2021, while for Xbox One it corresponds to May 2014.

In addition, Xbox One achieved sales of 10 million units in the 14th month, 20 million units in the 30th month and 30 million units in the 48th month. Accordingly, Xbox One has reached a total of 50.13 million sales to date.