Friday, March 1, 2024

Among Us Collector’s Edition released for consoles

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With the statement made by Maximum Games and InnerSloth, Among Us is also announced for PlayStation, Switch and Xbox.

According to the information, Among Us will be available in three special editions in addition to the standard one for consoles. Each of them will be brought together with console players basically with the main game and all downloadable content released over time. Of these special editions, the Crewmate Edition comes with additional boxed-exclusive downloadable content, a immersive lens case, Impostor Syndrome sticker, one of twelve exclusive Mira HQ holographic access cards, a Folded Skeld map poster, and a one-time use code for six PC and phone wallpapers. the future.

In addition to the content of Impostor Edition, Crewmate Edition, Crewmate vs. The Impostor will come with Purple Crewmate plush toy. Finally, the Ejected Edition will include all Crewmate Edition and Impostor Edition content, as well as a Crewmate pillow and Red Impostor beanie. You can find detailed products from the images below.

Among Us – Crewmate Edition

Among Us – Impostor Edition

Among Us – Ejected Edition

With the announcement made by InnerSloth during the Summer Game Fest, it was heralded that the console versions of the Among Us game will offer cross-platform support. In addition, thanks to the account association facility, you will be able to move your registration files and cosmetic items to the platform of your choice.

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