Home Gaming News Another leak of Duke Nukem appeared

Another leak of Duke Nukem appeared

Another leak of Duke Nukem appeared

Around 2010, a developer studio named Interceptor Entertainment was known to work on a Duke Nukem 3D remake. After a short while with initial development period, the game was noticed by Gearbox and the project had a huge leap, including a renaming to Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded.

Project was put on hold a year later though, and the reason mentioned for this decision was stated as “getting too much attention from the press and fans”. As a result, they decided to pull back all media and stop talking about the game. Leader of the project, Frederik Schreiber, told the story in a blog post and later he also asked Gearbox if it would be possible to release the game in future. The answer was quite vague. 

Following this turmoil, Schreiber and his team abandoned the project to continue their lives with different projects. The game was mostly forgotten until recent times, when a group named x0r_jmp suddenly leaked an E3 build of Duke Nukem Forever from year 2001. Following that recent leak, the group released another build from year 2011.

These leaks are apparently not going to end for a while, as the group says that “we should expect more”.