Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Redfall release date might be around early May

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2023 is coming with a lot of promising games, scattered around the calendar. One of those games is Redfall by Arkane. Redfall was actually planned for a Summer 2022 release, though there was a delay which moved the date into 2023.

Around a week ago, a Twitter account called Okami Games mentioned that there was a rumor about an internal delay which pushed the expected release date for Redfall to the second quarter of 2023. More precisely, the period is somewhere around early May. It will be the first co-op game made from scratch by this studio. While the game will support up to four players in co-op mode, players who prefer flying solo will also have a very familiar “Arkane experience” in an immersive way.

Redfall will be exclusive for Xbox Series X/S and PC, also available on day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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